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Try Connection Calc

Below is the demo version of AWC Connection Calc … ready* for you to run through your paces.

* Currently, demos are limited to the following constraints (I apologize, they are not my rules):

  • 5 minutes (it then stops and you’ll have to start again)
  • 3 demos being used at the same time
  • Adobe Flash capable devices (best used on a laptop or desktop computer)
  • Outside of North America?  On your phone or tablet, BuildCalc detects your country when first launched and configures itself to metric or imperial units mode.  However, the above demo is on a computer in California, so it is acting like it is in North America.  To see BuildCalc as you would (in all of its metric glory) try the following:
    • Tap [Conv] [Prefs] (both buttons will be on the center left)
    • The “Preferences” screen will appear.  The “Reset” cell will be listed at the top.  Tap the [Metric] button
    •  The “Reset: Defaults have been reset to Metric values” popup window will appear.  Tap [OK]
    • At the bottom left, tap [Done] to start your demo.

If you are unable to launch the demo (and you have Adobe Flash) try again in 5 minutes.

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