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How do I upgrade to the latest version of BuildCalc?


Upgrades to BuildCalc are free. Instructions are situational, so take a look at the list below to see which approach is best for you.

For iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad):

  • on your device: Go to the [App Store] app and tap on the [Updates] icon on the bottom right corner of the menu bar.  If BuildCalc is listed, there is an update.  Tap on the BuildCalc icon and follow the instructions to update.
  • on iTunes on your PC / Mac:  go to iTunes and, in the list on the left side of iTune you should see a listing like shown here on the right.   Click on Applications (under Library).   Towards the bottom right of iTunes, you will see something like this:  .  Click on the text “Updates Available”.   This will take you to a special section of the iTunes store called “My App Updates”.  If own BuildCalc but do not have the most recent version, you will see a link to upgrade it there.

For Android devices:

Go to the Android Market app on your device and tap on the “My Apps”  link.  All of the apps that you have downloaded from the Android Market will be there, starting with the apps that have updates available.  Find BuildCalc on that list.  If BuildCalc indicates “Update” or “Update (manual)” tap on the BuildCalc cell.  Follow the instructions to update.

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