Videos (and a bug)


Good morning!  A couple of items in which you might be interested.  First, beta tester Walter found a bug in the [Hip/V] function.  It takes a special set of circumstances to trip this bug … but once it does, BuildCalc freezes.  An update (v2.0.1) has been submitted to Apple and should be available for download in a few days.  If you experience this bug, you can try the work around, as described in the FAQ page, until the update is available.

Second, there are now three BuildCalc “Howto” videos!   It is likely you may have already noticed the [Videos] link, above.  While it has been said that I have a face for radio, after you see these, you might also add that I have a voice for silent movies.  Never the less, the object of the videos is to show how you can use BuildCalc for some common construction math problems.  Let me know if you find them helpful and if they could be better.

And last, I am starting to collect ideas for version 2.1.  There are a couple of new features that I have already promised and there are a couple of features that have had to go onto the version 3.0 list.   All ideas are welcome and, eventually, I really want to do them all!

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