BuildCalc 2.0 is here!


After 8 months of development, countless hours of beta testing, and many late nights, BuildCalc 2.0 has finally shipped.  Like a parent at graduation, I’m very proud and excited to tell you about it.  And, just to entice you to download your free update or to try BuildCalc for the first time, here are some of the new features you may want to see for yourself:

  1. New Fence and Baluster Functions!  Requested by users like you, these functions are easy to use and give you more options than has been available on the iPhone.
  2. The Material Estimation Functions are faster and more flexible!  No guess work and wishful thinking.  The Masonry, Drywall, Roof, Quantity on Center and Footing Functions deliver more results and are easier to use.  Plus you can customize these functions with as many sizes as you want and save your results – with labels you choose.  And, in the Material Estimation functions, you can enter areas using Length x Width notation – no more mental gymnastics.
  3. The Advanced Functions have been bulked up!  More functionality, easier to use, less key tapping.  Compound Miter and Hip/Valley Rafter functions now allow angle results to be shown for a miter saw or a hand-held protractor – with just a tap of a button.  And the advanced functions have on-the-spot help to guide you through your calculations.
  4. The Stairs function is on steroids!  The old functionality is still there – and now there is an Advanced Analysis mode available to give you a comprehensive layout AND MEASURED DRAWINGS!  No, really.  Get a dimensioned drawing of the Stringer Layout, the Stringer Installation and the Finished Staircase.  And then email a PDF of these layouts – so you can print or share them.

So please, take a moment to look at BuildCalc 2.0 and then take a moment to share tell me what you think!

And thank you for your support,

Ben Askren

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