I should have known better


Beta version 1.3.2 went out out earlier this week … and version 1.3.3 was right behind it.  Version 1.3.2 had the new [Prefs] interface, which, for most users will likely be a big yawn.  On the flip side, if you are primarily a metric user, you’ll be happy to see a more intuitive way to enter a Staircase Headroom.   1.3.2 went out before the unit testing was up and running, so I knew there would be a risk of missing something.  Sure enough, the denominator bug found by beta tester Kent was in 1.3.2.  Also, it just seem sluggish.

On both accounts, the problems were my fault.  I really wanted some feedback on the new Preferences system, so I took the risk on not having the unit tests running.  Something I wouldn’t ever do for a production spin, but understandable for a beta spin.  However, the sluggish performance turned out to be the way in which I implemented an Apple compliant method of saving values between sessions.  A few lines of code, and 90% of the performance loss was gone.  That last 10% might take some work (doesn’t it always).

So, now the focus is getting the unit testing back on line and then enhancements (as promised) to a whole bunch of keys.  Stay tuned!

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