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version 1.3.1 and other tidbits


Version 1.3.1 hit iTunes yesterday.  The only change from 1.3 was the fix the the bug found last week.  Again, thank you for your patience … and a special thank you to beta tester Kent for finding this bug!

Rather than continue working on the 1.3 branch, I’ve been able to restart work on version 1.4.   Other than a lingering cough, I’m back to normal so, last night, I was able to spend the first significant time in weeks on v1.4.    The net is that I have made some progress towards the new [Pref] functionality.  Half of the views are working and I’m in the process of boot strapping the new keypad.  Perhaps by the end of the weekend, I’ll have the keypad working and will be finishing the other views.  If this goes well then next week will be spent developing a new test infrastructure and new test cases.

After dialogging with users in the UK, Australia and Japan, I have decided upon an architecture for revising the advanced function keys.  I’m pretty excited about how it is going to make things easier, more flexible, better suited for international use (without any compromises for North American users), and bringing more convenience.  So, if we’re lucky, by mid-February, these updates will be going out to the beta testers. Since I’ll be more sure what is plausible at that time, I’ll wait until then to share a complete description of the planned changes.

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