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a little of this and a little of that


Yesterday was a great day with family and last night I was able to get back to coding.  After lunch today, I spun BuildCalcBeta 1.2.4 and sent it to the world’s greatest beta testers (you know who you are!).  The beta testers were able to find some shortcomings in beta 1.2.3 and I believe those are now addressed.  Also, beta 1.2.4 has a couple more new features:

  • The “mm” unit has been added to the settings.  My apologies for missing this one in earlier versions and I hope that metric users are not too frustrated by this.
  • Headroom Height setting was changed from Feet and Inches to Feet, Inches, Meters, Centimeters or Millimeters.  This is a big compromise where I am first in the “this could be better” line.  This issue is the #1 reason why I am currently refactoring the core class and then throwing out the CMP [Prefs] key for something better than either the [Prefs] key or the iPhone OS Settings.  This is a major refactoring, so please be patient.  It’s going to take a couple of weeks.
  • Optional swapping of the [Yard] and [Feet] keys for [cm] and [mm].  This works just as the Optional swapping of the [Length], [Width] and [Height] keys for [SIN], [COS] and [TAN].  If you want to switch, you can either use the “Metric Length Keys: ON” in the settings menu or swipe your finger across the [Yard] and [Feet] keys.  The layout of the [cm] and [mm] keys doesn’t yet feel right but it’s moving in the right direction.   If you come up with a suggestion for an alternative, I am all ears!
  • The font size for the operand in the output display is now even bigger – 26.67% larger than in version 1.2.2.

In addition to a better in-app configuration, another function that version 1.4 may have is default values based on the location of the user.  For example, user “BJB” has shared with me that standard for sheathing, block and staircase parameters are different in the UK.  Also, a ton is the UK is 2,240 lbs (as apposed to 2,000 here in the states).

I am also having a whole lot of fun corresponding with BuildCalc users!  I am greatly humbled by the great work done by them and how down to earth they are.  Their insights and questions have inspired lots of new ideas and help keep me going.  I really hope I get the chance to meet them one day.

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