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BuildCalc mentioned on JLC online


Yesterday was a great day for BuildCalc.  First, a BuildCalc user at ArchMolding.net posted some very kinds words about BuildCalc on the Journal of Light Construction forums.   That in turn generated even more positive dialog.  Here is a link:

After calling my wife, I forwarded the link to all of my friends and family (of course a few friends couldn’t miss the chance to rib me a little).   I am so pleased that BuildCalc is meeting your expectations.

Which brings me to the next piece of good news.  Beta version 1.3 when out late yesterday afternoon.  While out doing some Christmas shopping, the first reviews came in.  I think the new features are going to be a hit!  As usual, I am going to wait a week before submitting this version to Apple.  In addition to the unit tests (now over 6480 of them), this one week period gives the beta testers a chance to find any potential issues before this version is released to you.   If you are interested in being a beta tester, please let me know.

And after all of the good news, I am charged about the work for version 1.4.  This afternoon I pick back up on the in-app configuration.  This is going to be a tough bit of refactoring but the time is right to do it.  The code changes will enable things like wizards and internationalization to be robust and easier to use.  Likewise, doing this change will save a lot a work down the road when it is time to port BuildCalc to other platforms (work that I am itching to start!).

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