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A minor milestone tonight: I finished entering the unit tests from the CMP workbook.  BuildCalc now has 6326 unit tests!  That is a lot of tests.  Being curious enough to miss out on some much needed sleep, I ran the new tests against version 1.2.  The verdict? Pretty darned good, but not perfect.

So what does that mean?  Well, there were a few cases where BuildCalc wasn’t 100% key stroke compatible.  Some examples:

  • The [Cost] function is sometimes coming up short by a penny?!?  I bet that is going to be a challenge to figure out!
  • There were also some formating of the comments section that will have to be cleaned up.  For example: “Rake Wall Angle of Incline” or “Rake Wall Cheek Cut Angle”.
  • Some test cases that will need changes deeper in the code, such as the ability to use the results of multiple presses of the [Width] key as input to other functions.

Fortunately, these all appear to be minor issues.  I’ll keep chipping away at these inconsistencies.  I don’t think I’ll have them all complete by the end of the week, but perhaps I’ll have enough to warrant a beta release.  This means that, in about two weeks, a fully tested version of the App should be on the way to the beta testers … and (with luck) on the App store a couple of weeks later.

By the way, if you come across something about BuildCalc that you don’t like, I would really like to hear from you.  I continue to learn about undocumented features of the CMP and want to get them right.  Likewise, there is a lot of room for additional functionality … if you want to see something, just drop me an email at .

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