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suspending sales of BuildCalc


Dear BuildCalc users,

Today I removed BuildCalc from the iTunes store.   This decision didn’t come lightly but I believe it was the right thing to do.   Let me share with you why.

Seven months ago, being a user of the Construction Master™ Pro, I wanted to bring that great tool to the iPhone.  I knew that it would be of real value to other Construction Master™ Pro users and BuildCalc’s beta testers (also Construction Master™ Pro users) validated this.  Note that BuildCalc is in no way affiliated with Calculated Industries, the makers of the Construction Master™ Pro.

However, in the 12 days in which BuildCalc has been on the iTunes store, I have discovered that a significant number of BuildCalc buyers are not familiar with the Construction Master Pro and, rightfully so, are disappointed.  Although a great tool, BuildCalc is also esoteric and thus it’s capabilities are out of reach of such users.

It is not my intent to garner disappointment.  As such, if you are one of these users I wish to propose to you that I refund your purchase in exchange for your participation as a beta user.  As a beta user, you will get advanced drafts of the development plan, manuals, and program enhancements and be able to influence the direction of BuildCalc through your feedback.

If you are interested, please e-mail me.  In order to keep from giving more refunds than copies of BuildCalc sold, I do ask if you can include in your e-mail a copy of your receipt.

For those users who are satisfied with BuildCalc, Thank you.  For those who are not, I appreciate your patience and look forward to pleasing you.

Thank you,

– Ben

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