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More features and functions

Advanced features & functions to automate your workflow

BuildCalc’s advanced features and functions not found on other construction apps mean you will spend less time doing your estimates and calculations and more time building.

BuildCalc works harder to streamline your construction math. Time and money saving features include:

  • Contextual and extensive “in-app” help is always available with just one button press
  • “one-the-spot” help to explain each analysis input parameter
  • Spreadsheet style forms to allow you to test layout scenarios
  • Email, save and recall analysis results
  • Full manual with extensive examples
  • Product support you can count on
  • Daylight Display Mode for better visibility on-site
  • Customizable material size lists … so you get the results you want fast
  • Swipe for fast switching between Imperial and Metric units
  • Swipe for fast switching between Trig function and Dimensional function display
  • Comma separated number display capability means less mistakes
  • AirPrint on iOS devices
  • Haptics (vibration) feedback on capable devices
  • Save to SD on capable devices



Basic and Advanced Stair Layout Analyses mean you can generate simple or complex stair designs on-site and in less time than it takes to make the your site measurements.   Results include:

  • ⚫ Dimensioned PDF Drawings for Stringer Layout, Stringer Installation and Finished Layout
  • ⚫ Finished Floor to Floor Rise
  • ⚫ Calculated Unit Riser Height
  • ⚫ Number of Risers
  • ⚫ Calculated Unit Tread Width
  • ⚫ Number of Treads
  • ⚫ Calculated Incline Angle
  • ⚫ Minimum Finished Stairwell Opening
  • ⚫ Stringer Length
  • ⚫ Stringer Throat
  • ⚫ Stringer Top to Top Floor Rough Floor

BuildCalc allows you to factor the following in your stair layouts:

  • ⚫ Rise, Run, Riser Height, Tread Width
  • ⚫ Limited Riser Height
  • ⚫ Flush Landings
  • ⚫ Minimum Headroom Height
  • ⚫ Optional Fixed Tread Width and/or Riser Height
  • ⚫ Ceiling Thickness
  • ⚫ Stringer Size
  • ⚫ Bottom and Top Finished Floor Thicknesses
  • ⚫ Riser and Tread Thicknesses
  • ⚫ Sub-Riser and Sub-Tread Thicknesses
  • ⚫ Hangerboard Thickness


Layout Balusters for Limited Opening, Evenly Spaced or On-Center scenarios. Results include:

  • ⚫Layout measurements
  • ⚫Number of Members
  • ⚫On-Center Spacing
  • ⚫Open Space between Members (to check code compliance)
  • ⚫True Space between Members (the horizontal space between)


You can account for:
  • ⚫Rake Angle
  • ⚫Span to be filled with balusters
  • ⚫member width
  • ⚫members at start and/or end of span
  • ⚫layout marks at leading edge, center or trailing edge of members
  • ⚫Minimum open space
  • ⚫Number of balusters
  • ⚫On-Center Spacing


Miter and Bevel Angles for Simple and Compound Miter Cuts with results for both Miter Saws and on-the-stick Protractor marking. Inputs include:

  • ⚫Corner Angle
  • ⚫Spring Angle
  • ⚫Number of Corners (as an alternative to Corner Angle)


Get comprehensive arc calculations for those tough layouts. Results include:

  • ⚫Arc Angle
  • ⚫Arc Length (Run)
  • ⚫Chord Length
  • ⚫Segment Area
  • ⚫Pie Slice (Sector) Area
  • ⚫Stud Center layout dimensions
  • ⚫Stud layouts for outside or inside of arc

Hip / Valley Rafters

More results to save you time:

  • ⚫Rafter Length
  • ⚫Plumb Cut
  • ⚫Level Cut
  • ⚫Check Cut (Major and Minor)
  • ⚫Hip Backing Angle (Major and Minor)
  • ⚫Plan Angle (Major and Minor)
  • ⚫Hip/Valley Rafter Pitch
  • ⚫Purlin Side Angle (Major and Minor)
  • ⚫Purlin Edge Angle (Major and Minor)
  • ⚫Sheathing Angle (Major and Minor)


BuildCalc lets you factor more to save you from mental gymnastics:
  • ⚫Rise
  • ⚫Run (Major and Minor)
  • ⚫Pitch (Major and Minor – Irregular Pitch)
  • ⚫Results for Miter saw or for marking on-the-stick with a Protractor

Here is a screen shot:

Jack Rafters

On of the more involved calculations in hip roofs, this tool will allow you to put together a cut list on site.  BuildCalc gives you the following results:

  • ⚫Jack Rafter Length Increment (Major and Minor)
  • ⚫Cut list for each Jack Rafter (Major and Minor)


In addition to the inputs to the Hip/Valley function, BuildCalc allows you to account for:
  • ⚫On-Center Spacing
  • ⚫Start layout with longest rafter first
  • ⚫Start layout using shorted rafter first
  • ⚫Space Minor Jack Rafters at On-Center spacing
  • ⚫Mate Minor Jack Rafters with Major Jack Rafters

Common Rafters

BuildCalc gives you more results for Common Rafter Calculations:

  • ⚫Diagonal  (length along bottom of rafter)
  • ⚫Plumb Angle
  • ⚫Level Angle
  • ⚫Plumb Height
  • ⚫Height Below Plate
  • ⚫Height Above Plate
  • ⚫D/3 1/3 Rule Test and HAP
  • ⚫D/4 Calculations Test and HAP

Polygon Angles

If you’ve ever needed to figure out the angles for a odd-number sided box, you know the math isn’t a walk in the park. Now it is. You give the number of sides or the corner angle and BuildCalc will give you:

  • ⚫Full Angle
  • ⚫Half Angle
  • ⚫Side Length
  • ⚫Perimeter
  • ⚫Area
  • ⚫Radius
  • ⚫Sides

Rake Walls

Get quick results for Rake Wall Calculations. With the following inputs, you get a cut list for your rake wall’s studs:

  • ⚫On-Center Spacing
  • ⚫Base Wall Length
  • ⚫Pitch, Run, Rise, Diagonal


Give BuildCalc your length and width and it will return the square-up in a tap of the screen

Pitch / Rise / Run / Diagonal

No self respecting construction calculator would be without the ability to calculate these essential parameters.

Studs, Pylons, Poles, Balusters, Posts

Give BuildCalc a Run and the other needed parameters and you quickly get how many members you’ll need for the job.


Give BuildCalc and area or a length and your receive the number of sheets you’ll need for your list of sheet sizes.  Given a set of room dimensions, BuildCalc can tell you how many sheets necessary for the walls and ceiling and for your list of drywall sheets sizes.


Give BuildCalc a footer perimeter and it will quickly calculate the volume for your list of footing sizes.  And you can enter footing sizes as Width x Depth – so you won’t be scratching your head down the road wondering what footing sizes are on your list.


Brick, block, tile, pavers … BuildCalc will let you quickly calculate them for your list of custom sizes

Here is an example:

Roofing: Shingle, Sheathing, etc

Got a plan area and a pitch?  Or how about Length / Width and a Pitch?

Volume / Area

BuildCalc quickly calculates the value and/or area for the following objects:

  • ⚫ Columns
  • ⚫ Cones
  • ⚫ Gables
  • ⚫ Triangles
  • ⚫ Slabs
  • ⚫ Boxes
  • ⚫ Polygons
  • ⚫ Arc Segments and Sectors
  • ⚫ Footers


Give BuildCalc a fence row length and the number of rails and you’ll the number of posts, pickets and rails for your lists of On-Center Spacings and Rail Lengths.

Here is a screen shot:

Siding / Panels

By using BuildCalc’s [Roof], [Drywall] or [Masonry] functions, you can calculate how much siding, panels or sheets you need for your next project.  And don’t forget to use the Pitch / Rise / Run / Diagonal functions to calculate the area of your gables!


  • ⚫ Fractional Yards – Feet – Inches
  • ⚫ Fractional Feet – Inches
  • ⚫ Fractional Inches
  • ⚫ Decimal Yards
  • ⚫ Decimal Feet
  • ⚫ Decimal Inches
  • ⚫ Meters
  • ⚫ Centimeters
  • ⚫ Millimeters


and you can convert between fractional values:
  • ⚫ 1/2″
  • ⚫ 1/4″
  • ⚫ 1/8″
  • ⚫ 1/16″
  • ⚫ 1/32″
  • ⚫ 1/64″


  • ⚫ Yards
  • ⚫ Feet
  • ⚫ Inches
  • ⚫ Acres
  • ⚫ Meters
  • ⚫ Centimeters
  • ⚫ Millimeters


  • ⚫ Yards
  • ⚫ Feet
  • ⚫ Inches
  • ⚫ Board Feet
  • ⚫ Meters
  • ⚫ Centimeters
  • ⚫ Millimeters


And, convert to Weight using the [wt/vol] density constant you provide.


  • ⚫ Pounds
  • ⚫ Tons (2ooo lbs.)
  • ⚫ Tonnes (2240 lbs.)
  • ⚫ Kilograms
  • ⚫ Metric Tonnes

Plus, you can quickly convert to volume using the [wt/vol] density constant.


  • ⚫ Degrees
  • ⚫ Degree : Minutes : Seconds
  • ⚫ Pitch (inches / 12″)
  • ⚫ % Grade
  • ⚫ Slope
  • ⚫ Radians

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