3 hours of my life gone



For those of you who don’t know Objective-C (the programming language used by the iPhone), the above can loosely be translated to mean: “you will now spend 3 hours of your life pulling your hair out instead of doing something productive”.

On a more serious note, I have been getting a lot of great feedback from the beta testers on beta 1.3.5.  The net is that the new features are a big hit.  There also has been some bugs found and some observations about responsiveness.  Thanks to all of the beta testers (Richie, Todd and Brian in particular!).

In parallel to the beta testers giving 1.3.5 a thorough once over, my priority has been on getting the unit testing back up.  Version 1.4 won’t ship without it.  Getting the unit testing working has proven to be a real challenge as for the code is single threaded and thus needs to return to the main loop in order for the API to generate the GUI.  Sunday afternoon I figured out a way to make this happen and thought I was rock & rolling.  However, that little snippet of code (at the top of this post) was more than enough to grind my work to a halt tonight.  The moral of this story … get more sleep!

And so I will.  Good night!

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