version 1.3 submitted


Version 1.3 has been submitted to Apple for review!  iTunes Connect went back online today at ~5:30PM and you can tell that a jillion developers were trying to use it all at once.  Given previous history, I would say that it will be on iTunes in a little over a week.  However, I’m guessing that there is going to be a backlog of apps to be reviewed, so let’s estimate that it will be on iTunes around January 11th.

There are a bunch of enhancements and improvements in version 1.3, so I am really excited to hear your response to it.  Almost all of them are things for which you have asked.  Here’s a sample:

  • Optional trig keys.  Swipe your finger of the [Length], [Width] and [Height] keys to change to [SIN], [COS], and [TAN] (and vise versa).
  • Improved display of fractions in the output display.
  • Over 25% larger operand and stack numbers in the output display.
  • Optional key “click” mode.
  • “Rotate to Zoom” feature in the in-app help gives 50% larger text and images.
  • mm unit added to settings (for better metric usability).
  • Optional swap of [cm] and [mm] keys for [Yard] and [Feet] by swiping finger across these keys (and vise versa).
  • 4’x10’ and 4’x14’ added to the drywall sheets calculation.
  • Irregular Pitch is displayed in the units entered (rather than in “inches pitch”) for better international usability.
  • Drywall sheets calculated using a length is more intuitive.

And, as always, upgrades are free!

Before I go, I also wanted to let you know that work continues on the major refactoring for version 1.4.  I’ve been able to set up the key value observers and delegates and now I’m cleaning up the view controller pieces that are in the model and vice versa.  I can’t wait to re-establish baseline function and then tear into the new [Prefs] function.  Also, I toying with migrating to Apple’s unit test system.   BuildCalc’s unit test system was written before Apple had one and lacks some of the flexibility of Apples.  It is the 6800+ test cases that makes me hesitate … that is a lot of test to reenter.  Maybe I’ll figure out a clever way to reuse the old code?

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